Axe Philips Norelco XA4003 Stubble Trimmer Review 2017

There comes a point in a man’s life when he decides to grow out a small beard or a goatee which usually requires maintenance and if you recognize yourself here then you should look into getting a beard trimmer. Tools of this kind will basically allow you to keep your facial hair at a certain length while maintaining a clean look. If you take a look at the most in demand male movie stars or modern day CEO’s, you’ll notice most are rocking a designer stubble look.

The rage as of the last few years is a slightly rugged look and stubble. These can even prove helpful when it comes to defining your face. It’s definitely one of the coolest looks out there and always has been. People have gone as far as to wear this stubble look to appear smarter and more mature at the office, but conversely it can backfire if not done right.

There are a few things you should look out for when choosing a trimmer: The overall precision, the attachments it comes with (so you can manage the length), safety options and battery life. Sure, there are other accessories you can benefit from like a vacuum but those are the basics any quality trimmer should offer you to start with.

Sensitive Skin? Problem Solved

Assuming you’re a guy with overly sensitive skin and you’re frequently experiencing rashes after shaving, you might find trimming to be the perfect solution to your problem as you’ll be far less inclined to shave.

If you look at the different options at your disposal, they’ll vary based on price and basic functionality so most “top trimmer” lists out there can make this research aspect confusing for a guy with no prior experience. Fact is, the most expensive trimmer doesn’t necessarily equate to an ideal solution for you although you could always benefit from multi-functionality.

The craziest thing about trimmers unlike other grooming accessories is that their basic functionality tends to be the same so one of the best trimmers is also among the least expensive – the Axe Philips Norelco XA4003 Stubble Trimmer.

Ideal For First-Timers

If this is your first time purchasing a trimmer, there’s a whole list of reasons why this should be your top choice and it has nothing to do with price. First, you’ll get 20 length settings that you can lock starting from .5 mm to 10 mm. This is paired up with a number of styling options which in plain old English means less maintenance. It gets the job done. Why waste hundreds of dollars purchasing a trimmer just to find out it’s not for you?

This little trimmer doesn’t have fancy features and LCD displays but the good news is that your beard won’t care. The biggest misconception people have about trimmers is that more features equate better functionality and this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The bottom line when it comes to functionality is that the Axe requires minimal maintenance, offers plenty of function (yet is simple to use) and is budget-friendly – this is all you’ll need. Proof enough of that is the fact that its Amazon ratings are the best a trimmer can get and you probably won’t be looking to upgrade any time soon.

What Are Other Men Saying?

Before trying it out ourselves, we had a look at some of the reviews left by regular users. Most claim it’s great for using it at home or the gym. It’s compact enough to carry around and offers plenty of usable adjustment settings.

To Conclude

The bottom line with the Axe Philips Norelco XA4003 Stubble Trimmer is that it’s a great first timer because it offers something for most men and gets the job done perfectly. Even if you have sensitive skin and you’re worried about making a mistake because you have shaky hands, the buzz on it is very quiet and it doesn’t vibrate strongly. Top that off with an insanely low price tag and the Axe XA4003 is basically a no-brainer.

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