Best Standing Desk and Sit Stand Desk Reviews 2017

Why a Standing Desk?

All we do is sit.  Sitting down is a prominent component of today’s society, try standing more. Here we offer our review of the best standing desk of 2017.   Sitting for hours upon hours which leads to a sedentary life. Ergonomic desks and chairs have been a primary way to combat the negative physical effects of our sedentary work and personal lifestyles, but it isn’t enough. Work and entertainment have revolved around inactivity and sitting in one spot for hours at a time. In extreme cases, people gaming have died from prolonged sitting.

Prolonged sitting is bad.

Most of us spend at least 8 hours a day just sitting. Including sleep this can add up and means most of our days are filled with physical inactivity. Sedentary is not a natural thing our bodies can cope with, this leads to negative physical and mental issues.

Prolonged sitting has negative health effects:

  • chronic back and neck pain
  • Increased risk of cancer
  • greater chance of dying from a heart attack
  • heighten risk of Type 2 Diabetes
  • weight gain
  • higher risk of becoming disabled
  • shorten life span
  • higher chance of depression
  • lower mental alertness

Here’s our in-depth article on the negative effects of a sedentary life.

Stand Up!

The simple task of just standing can help combat the negative effects of sedentary, which breaks up the inactivity. To help resolve our sedentary life, the standing desks was created. Standing desks have shown to be quite effective in lessening and relieving people of some of the negative effects of sitting. It has been argued that even daily exercise is nullified by sitting down for long periods of time. Not even exercise can undo the damage caused by sitting for too long. The simple task of standing can help keep you in health.

Stand Desks Benefits

When people use a standing desk they also move around a lot more by shifting their weight around. Standing can burn up to 50 more calories an hour than sitting. Standing boosts your bodies calorie useage which results in raising your metabolism. When your metabolism is raised so if your mental alertness.

Boosts in Productivity

On top of the health benefits from standing rather than sitting, many people have discovered that their productivity actually goes up as well.

As standing helps fight against the negative effects of sitting, there will be a paradigm shift in how people work and live. Just like how lifting, yoga, and cross fit have intertwined themselves in society’s effort of getting healthier. The shift to standing rather than sitting is already happening. Facebook has 250 employees using standing desk. A colleague of mine has told me that himself and many of co-workers have also started standing more at work.

What desk options are there?

In the past few years there has been an explosion in the standing desk niche market, which is one of the reasons The Outstanding Desk exists. Standing desks will invariably become more prominent in the work and home environment. There are 5 types of stand and sit stand desks available:

  • Electric Sit Stand Desks
  • Manual Height Adjustable Desks
  • Table Top Stand Up Desks
  • Standing Desk Workstations
  • Treadmill Standing Desks

There are an abundant amount of stand desk options to choose from. It can be a little daunting to sift through and find relevant stand desk information.

Choosing The Right Type of Stand Desk

We will outline the benefits and negatives of each type of stand desks to help you decide or reconfirm your decision on which stand desk to purchase. Whatever option you choose though is the best one as it will help you get away from a sedentary lifestyle and raise your quality of life.

Electric Sit-Stand Desks:

The term sit stand desk is usually used to describe electric standing desks. Instead of a fixed height, crank adjusted, or spring balance height adjusted; electric standing desks are automatically adjusted by a press or a hold of a button. The change from a standing to a sitting positions and vice versa are easy, allowing users a freer experience. The best way to utilize a standing desk is to alternate between sitting and standing. These types of desks make that task the easiest out of all the available stand desk options.

Height can be adjusted in seconds automatically. Along with being automated when adjusting height most if not all electric sit stand desks have buttons for preset heights to fine tune preferred sit and stand positions. Electric stand desks can be adjusted to the most minimal degree in terms of height as they are usually controlled by a onboard height adjustment module. This module is implemented to make sure both legs travel the same distance, keeping the table top balanced. Due to this, electric sit stand desks can be adjusted in very fine and minimal degree. Most electric sit stand desks also come with a real time height read out so you can see height down to a decimal.

Usually electric sit stand desks are more expensive than any other type of stand up desks on the market. This is due to of course the inherent complexity in design. Electric standing desks have to come with an adjustment panel, the electric motor driven legs, cross beam(s), and usually a table top. Their higher price tag is also due to the value added because of ease of use.

Manual Sit-Stand Desks:

These desks are the manually operated counterpart to electric sit stand desks. Unlike electric sit stand desks, manual adjustable desks require constant dexterous input to adjust their height. Usually these come in the forms of a crank or a spring balanced lever.

Crank style sit stand desks have a crank on one side where the user will hand crank the table to their desired height, whether it be sitting or standing.

Spring balanced desks use a lever to unlock the table top, where after the user will adjust the height with their hands. The table top is supported by springs which help guide the weight up.

Manual sit stand desks are usually more robust in their simplicity. They should last longer than electric desks as they have less moving and complicated parts. However, manual desks are not as accurate in terms of measurable height, especially because they do not have a real time height read out. They also do not require power.

Table-top Stand Desks:

Table top stand desks have a high transport utility as they are very portable. They can be moved around onto other desks, and some are even purpose built for transporting. The work surface is a lot smaller than purpose built stand desk. They also require you to already have a desk or table top to be placed on.

They are quite simply; table tops that go onto larger table tops. Most of these can be adjusted even further to match the user’s preferred height.

Workstation Stand Desks:

Workstation stand desks are for when space is limited. They take up a smaller foot path or surface area which is a benefit if space is limited. Most of these have castors so they can easily be moved around also. They have height adjustment as well.

Treadmill Standing Desks:

Instead of just standing in one position, these offer users the ability to constantly move their legs when they need to. These desks are built for walking while you use the work surface. These are the best option for dynamic desk use.  The treadmills are specifically designed for desk application and can sometimes be utilized with other stand desks. Likewise their are desks specifically designed for treadmills.

Treadmill stand up desks are usually more expensive than any other option due to their multi-piece designs and complexity. These desks offer the best best option for helping people against sedentary desk use.

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