Bluehost Review – Best WordPress Hosting Providers 2017

Bluehost Review 2017

Although the aim of this post is to provide an honest, independent review of Bluehost, there was obviously a reason I wrote this review in the first place. What is that reason you may ask? Well, because I love the company of course.

With that in mind, I’ve decided to review five aspects of Bluehost that I love. Some of these points will be obvious to people who already use their services, others will be new and you might want to explore (point 2 for example). If you are researching bluehost before you decide to join with them then I hope this post helps with your decision.

1. Support

There are literally thousands of hosting companies out there these days that it can be hard to know which company to use. However, whether you are a professional webmaster or you want to build your first site, good support is a must.

Bluehost offer support via:

  • Live chat
  • Toll-Free telephone calls
  • Support tickets (email)

This is a standard for most high quality hosting companies, but the different with bluehost is that they actually know what they are doing. You won’t get some pubescent teen on the end of your live chats who doesn’t know what you are talking about, instead you’ll be faced with an experienced professional. On top of that, the live chats are always available, in fact I’ve never seen a time when there was nobody there to speak to you.

This point in itself is the most important reason to choose a host in my opinion.

Affiliate Program

Not only do bluehost offer a great service that you naturally want to shout about, they also give you the opportunity to do that shouting. Their affiliate program offers $65 for every sign-up you can get to their service. In honesty, this is actually lower than the likes of Hostgator who will pay $125 per sign-up if you can get them 21 sign-ups in a month. However, you only receive $50 from hostgator unless you send them more than 5 people in a month which is rare for the average person.

I have been in touch with bluehost personally about their affiliate program, even when I was not a member and they got back to me very promptly with some great advice.


Bluehost keep online over 800,000 domains which probably means they have over half a million customers. Talk about social proof. Knowing a company can keep over 500,000 people happy month after month is a great sign that you can trust them. Not only that, but my personal experience tells me that I can as well. They constantly deliver quick answers to me and I have never had any problems with backups or database crashes.

Problems common with other hosting companies.


As I briefly mentioned at the beginning of this post, you always receive people in their support area who know what I’m doing. What I also mentioned was that there are literally thousands of hosting companies to choose from and new ones cropping up all the time. The reason for this is that it is very easy to become a reseller of these larger, professional companies like bluehost and make money if you can get some clients, then rely on someone else for all the server upgrades and support.

I can tell you right now, not many hosting companies can genuinely claim that they have been around since 1996. Well…bluehost can. That’s right, probably before you or I even had decent access to the internet, bluehost were starting their company and hosting websites for thousands of people. The bottom line is simple: they know what they are doing.


The final thing you have to love bluehost for is their prices, who can complain at a $6.95 per month price tag when you get to host unlimited domains? I’m putting my neck on the line here but you will actually find people in webmaster forums selling hosting with more space for even $2-3 per month.

The problem with this is quite simply that these people are over-selling. If they received 1,000 clients very quickly there is no way they could scale and still offer their solution. Or if you started getting some great traffic to your site they would crumble. You wont have this problem with a company like bluehost.

So, there you have it…5 reasons I love bluehost. Feel free to share your own in the comments!

Are they Reliability, Affordability and Support ?

 If yes, Then you’re on the right track. Bluehost is Highly reliable and perhaps the cheapest on hosting industry with great Service and their 24/7 Customer Support.

Hosting Plans:

Bluehost comes up with three different hosting plans –

  • shared Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting

and also

  • Optimized WordPress Hosting

If you are a beginner or going start a new blog or website this Shared Hosting is perfect for you. If you already have a website or blog with heavy traffic then you can go for VPS or Dedicated hosting. They also Offer Optimized WordPress Hosting if you have heavy traffic around 100 million or more.

Shared Hosting Packages:

They have three different shared hosting packages according to your need and One Free Domain with each package-

Details of those Packages:

Basic: Basic package gives you One Website with 50GB disk space with unlimited Bandwidth. Also allows 25 Subdomain and 5 email ID with your domain extension ( each with 100 MB storage space.

  • If you want to create only one website, Basic Package is for you.

Price: $3.49/month (See more info)

Plus: 10 Website with 150GB disk space with unlimited Bandwidth. 50 Subdomain and 100 Email with 500MB per email storage. It also includes global CDN (Content Delivery Network) and 1 SpamExperts .

  • If you have multiple domain and you want to add them into one hosting, go with the “plus” package. It allows to use up to 10 Addon Domain.

Price: $5.59/month (See more info)

Business Pro: Actually This package Offers Everything is Unlimited. Unlimited Websites with Unlimited Disk Space and Unlimited Bandwidth. With Global CDN (Content Delivery Network) , 2 SpamExperts, 1 SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), 1 Dedicated IP, 1 Domain Privacy, Site Backup Pro.

  • If you need to use HTTPS,  go for the business pro package which i included with one dedicated I.P and SSL.

Price: $13.95/month (See more info)

Service Detail: 

Bluehost gives the users some Special facilities like One click WordPress Installation, Custom Control Panel, and 99.9% uptime guarantee. You can upgrade or downgrade your plan anytime you want. 24/7 Customer support for users via Chat, email and phone. Bluehost also offers a 30-day money back guarantee, if you are not happy with their hosting, you can cancel your account within the first 30 days and get a full refund!

Yeah, there are some bad review about there customer support. But remember who offers 24/7 customer support every single day of the year?

If you’re looking for cheap hosting with great service, you’re definitely looking for bluehost. $3.49 per month which is less than a cup of Coffee or a bottle of beer. This is one of the cheapest hosting with one of the best service provider in the field of web hosting and also offers a free domain.

How can a hosting be unlimited!

Actually its not unlimited. Yeah, I mean it. They also have fair usage policy but the space and bandwidth they provide is approximately unlimited.

Once I had a online photo blog with huge collection of photos. But surprisingly I wasn’t even close to the limit. Even if you have heavy load of traffic on your site at a time it won’t go offline.

There are over 2 million websites worldwide hosted with bluehost that’s enough to show their level of trust. and if you search on google about bluehost review, you’ll find around 8,00,000 search result and almost everyone suggests to go with Bluehost.  Their hosting is trusted by most of the webmasters and bloggers because it has been providing hosting service from the year 1996. Over the years it has kept gaining customers which is mainly because of the quality of its hosting the amazing customer support and also for their policy and price.

Is it suitable for you ?

Compare with other hosting providers and then go for your decision . The link below contains a discount coupon if you’re interested.

Get all the other info and contact info on their official site here.

Guide to Cheap Stock Photos for Blogs in 2017

stock up

A source of high quality stock photos is an essential tool for all WordPress bloggers. From illustrating web pages to accompanying blog posts, they form part of the visitor experience and are an essential part of creating a WordPress site that looks authentic and professional.

With research showing that images alongside content help to hold the attention of the reader and maintain their concentration span, it’s even more important that they are utilised in order to push key messages and to engage with the target audience.

There are a wide number of sites which hold millions of images; some are available for download at no cost, and for others there is a charge per photo or through a subscription package.

With this in mind, it was decided to carry out a review of 11 of the most popular stock photo sites to see:

How wide a choice they offer when popular search terms were used
The quality of the results for commercial use
Whether there was a cost attached
All of these sites could provide stock photos for your WordPress blog.

Our Stock Photo Search Criteria

To ensure consistency, the same search keywords were used each time. We used a mix of popular digital marketing phrases, and then two general terms where the results may be required for the needs of a particular client.

They were:

  • Blogging
  • Marketing
  • Communication
  • Portugal
  • Healthcare

The results aren’t ranked in any way, but give a comprehensive overview of the range and quality of the findings at the time of the review.

Our Stock Photo Resources

Site: Flickr

Cost: Free – but ensure that the copyright holder has given permission to download

Flickr is the first choice for many bloggers searching for royalty-free images. It’s a service which is constantly evolving.

With a new image recognition tool used now as standard, all user photos are tagged with keywords and geo tags. This makes searching more straightforward. The images are presented in a beautiful layout, and the simple search function means it’s a one stop shop for general use.

Flickr requires a Yahoo account, but once you’re a member, you can follow photographers and gather your own favourite images. You can also share and download them, if the member permits.

It’s important to only download images legally available, by applying the correct filter. On the screen where Any License is displayed, clicking on this will reveal a number of options. Be sure to select Commercial Use Allowed.

Flickr is great for generic searches, but sp,e niche keywords yield limited results.

Site: StockFresh

Cost: Monthly packs, Pay as You Go credits or Daily Subscriptions

StockFresh provided excellent results for all our test keywords, including high quality stock photos and vector graphics. Signing up is free, quick and easy and there are some really useful search tools to narrow down the results; image type, size and even the number of people in the image.

Bloggers can purchase images quickly, and all choices were clearly described as to the cost per image. It was also good to see that when flicking between the different packages, the price per image changed accordingly.

big stock

Site: BigStock

Cost: Daily and monthly subscriptions, with free trials available

With over 28 million images available, BigStock delivered good results on the review keywords. The pricing for photos is good value and the range of packages available is easy to understand.

Vectors can be a little more expensive, so we’d recommend trying some of the other sites first if you are looking for illustrations. But for photos to accompany web pages or WordPress blogs, this is an excellent site to choose.

Bigstock says its staff pride themselves on their high level of live chat customer service.

getty images

Site: Getty Images

Cost: Various subscriptions, including exclusive rights

Known for many years as a premium provider of stock images, Getty Images has a fantastic array of consistently relevant and high quality photos. Every keyword produced thousands of results and it assists by offering autofill options as you type in the search box.

The website is easy to navigate, and as they have localised sites for many languages, it’s a great choice when working with clients in other parts of the world. There are over 35 million images available, and it’s possible to purchase the exclusive rights of an image to ensure it’s not used by anyone else in any kind of media.

The only main issues are that pricing varies per image, and the way in which the image is used. It’s not possible to know the cost unless logged in and an account has been created; you then have to click Calculate to work it out. For a blogger, this could be a little too time consuming.

google images

Site: Google Images

Cost: free

Google Images is popular image search engine the world over, but care must be taken to use it legally. There’s no charge for any images here, but it’s important to filter correctly.

Before searching, click on Search Tools, then Usage Rights and finally Labeled for Reuse. Almost any generic keyword will result in a good choice of images, but because they are scraped from Google’s search results, the resolution or photographic quality isn’t guaranteed.

We got good results for all of our test words and phrases. More unusual searches yielded limited results, and very popular words can often serve up non-relevant images.

If you have the time, this is a good way to source blog images for free.

Site: iStock

Cost: A small number of free images, as well as Pay as You Go and subscription plans

iStockPhoto is run by Getty Images and is a great choice for bloggers wanting royalty-free low cost images. Using the keywords produced a huge range of fantastic images, although the site was a little more challenging to navigate for general searches.

The fact the images are often lower resolution is reflected in the prices, but they are more than adequate for use on a WordPress blog. Small resolution can actually be desirable, since you’ll eat up less of your web hosting space.

The pay as you go pricing means there’s no need to commit to buying iStock credits up front, so you aren’t tied in to a huge spend. Each month there is a free photo and a free illustration to download; these may not be of use immediately, but they are well worth grabbing for a future project.

Site: Fotolia

Cost: Various; credits, daily plans and monthly subscriptions available, as are corporate packages

Fotolia has expansive selection of photos, illustrations and vectors available for all the keywords in our test.

As well as a straight forward selection of purchase packages, multi-user subscriptions are available for companies that have more than one person sourcing images. They also offer a choice of licenses; standard or extended depending on the intended use.

The images can be found through searching for keywords or by browsing their three collections; Core, Infinite and Instant. Each one gathers certain groups of images together, although searching this way didn’t seem to enhance the user experience to any particular benefit.


Site: Shutterstock

Cost: Three packages; Basic, Professional or Team

With 10,000 new images added to their library every day, it’s no surprise that Shutterstock is one of the most popular royalty free stock image sites on the net. All the keywords returned excellent results; the search term communication offered an immense selection of over 2.7 million photos, illustrations and vectors to choose from.

Shutterstock also provides related keywords, which is good if you’re looking to expand on specific topics and are a little stuck for ideas. They also have a rather interesting tab called Undiscovered where you can be the first to download images which match your search. This would be a great way to diversify your WordPress blog.

With three basic plans to choose from, this is a site where you can be downloading very quickly rather than spending precious time picking through the numerous options offered by other sites and wondering which really is the best value.



Cost: Free and no attribution is required

Whilst images are free at, searching was a disappointing experience. The image library is updated weekly, but it is rather thin. At the time of review, there were no images at all for one of our test terms (communication).

Whilst blogging gave us 12 results, the images were of laptops, or a person making notes next to a laptop – not entirely releant. The images felt dated, too, although all were high quality.

stock up

Site: Stock Up

Cost: Free

SiteBuilderReport is a website builder reviews site. It has its own aggregaged search engine for images, called Stock Up. The tool searches 26 free for use image sites, which sounds like a dream find for bloggers.

Stock Up is a great idea in concept, but there is a way to go before it offers a breadth of results. On the search terms used the results were fairly fuzzy. Our search for blogging served up results of trees cut down; logging.

For some bloggers, this could be a great place to find images. Hopefully it will continue to grow. At the moment, it’s worth a look for quite general free stock photos.

The Best Site For Cheap Stock Photos

So what’s our favourite site to source photos for a blog? It depends.

There are so many stock photo sites vying for attention, that you need to approach search in a strategic way. Images don’t have to cost a great deal to convey a message, but they do need to be relevant and look professional.

You’ll get the best results if you decide in advance:

What kind of blog the images are needed for
How many photos you need for your blog
The amount you are willing to spend (if anything)
If budget is tight, Google Images and Flickr offer cost effective solutions, although it may take time to find a free image with the correct licensing rights. Sometimes the resolution isn’t that good, either. Understanding photo licensing rules is important if you’re searching public repositories, so take great care to only choose things you can re-use legally on your blog.

Also, think longevity; don’t choose a style or shot which can date quickly, and avoid overly posed photos and illustrations of little white characters in business attire. Vectors are currently on-trend, but can be a little more expensive than traditional photos.

For good quality blog stock photos, you might need to reach for your credit card to get something that does your blogging justice. If you’re prepared to do so, we recommend Shutterstock for usability, and iStock for simplicity and choice.

Do you have a favourite that we didn’t mention? Let me know in the comments, and we’ll cover it in a future article.