Gazebos and Party Tents

You will be amazed at the wide variety of gazebos for sale that are available online and right for your budget. It can come in a specific shape, material, and style that complement your garden scenery and your impeccable taste. If you are looking around for a perfect gazebo for you, do check out this guide first.

What is a Gazebo?

A gazebo is a structure that provides shelter or a place to rest in a landscape such as in a park, garden, or any outdoor space. It can be a tent-style or a pavilion structure that is open on all sides for sufficient ventilation. Aside from providing shade to its occupants, a gazebo is also used as a focal point or ornamental feature in a backyard. It blends well with your well-manicured garden and exquisite flowers.

Benefits of Gazebo

A gazebo is the perfect spot to relax and commune with nature. You can bring here your favorite book read and enjoy the quiet moment with yourself. It lends a great ambiance for barbecue parties and special night out which could be just right outside your backyard.

Types of Gazebo

The gazebos for sale in the market can be created depending on your objective for desiring one or the type of occasion. It comes in different shapes such as round, octagon, hexagon, rectangular, or square. The size of the sides will vary based on the style that you will choose. The color would again depend on your chosen design. Colors such as green, white, or natural wood are some of the usual choices.

The canopy of a gazebo can be made with heavier materials (wood or wrought iron) or with other lighter materials (canvas or fabric).

With modern innovations, you can now purchase the components of your gazebo in precut or ready-to-install panels. Building one type of a gazebo should not really be that challenging because a gazebo kit is bundled in with the required hardware and instructions that you can follow. It is a nice DIY (Do-It-Yourself) project that you can complete in a weekend or two.

Here are the eight (8) types of gazebos for sale that are familiar with the home and garden enthusiasts:

1) Pavilion

This type covers a big area and typically has a 12-sided opening and tiered roof design. The materials used can be wood (cedar, pine, or redwood) or polyester canvass for stability. It is enjoying outdoor living in great style. With its wide space, it can also serve as an extra room during an outdoor camping.

2) Hexagonal

This is the most common type of gazebos for sale that you would find in a normal backyard. It has 6 sides and is usually made of wood. It is a free standing structure and you can add another tier of roof to its existing one. Installing benches and railings will ensure that you have comfortable bonding moments with your family and friends during backyard parties.

3) Wedding

Most couples are opting to hold their wedding ceremony at the beach or in a whimsical garden. It is just the right backdrop to say your wedding vows. A beautifully decorated wedding gazebo adds charm and elegance to a wedding ceremony. You can either rent this gazebo or build it from a kit. It may be as small as a hexagonal gazebo but you may consider getting a bigger size if you wish to also hold your reception in this gazebo.

A wedding gazebo that is getting popular with modern couples is the wrought iron gazebo dome. It looks fantastic when you decorate it with fresh flowers, garlands, or ribbons. Adding some garden lights provides that special spark for the evening. This gazebo is made of wrought iron from top to button so this is something to consider if you wish to have some extra protection or shade during the ceremony.

4) Rotunda

There are some great rotunda gazebos for sale that can serve as a sort of summer house for your family due to its large size. This type of gazebo is circular in shape and has a domed roof.

5) Pop up

A pop up gazebo is a free standing structure that can lend you the much needed shelter in a matter of minutes. It serves as a temporary protection especially when the rain comes down in the middle of your garden party or a big outdoor event. They are designed to be portable, with ground stakes and carrying bag bundled in the kit.

When choosing a pop up gazebo, make sure that the material is of quality and waterproof. Stay away from the cheap canvass canopy. One style can have screens or walls that can be rolled down to completely enclose the gazebo space. This feature keeps the bugs out which is good.

6) Hot Tub

Simply imagining yourself in a hot tub after a long day at work is pure bliss. It is made more special by bringing the hot tub outside to enjoy the beauty of nature and the gentle caress of the wind. Relaxing back with a champagne flute in your hands is the ultimate height of luxury. A hot tub gazebo is usually designed with a flat wall on one side and an oval wall on the other.

7) Pergola

A pergola gazebo is a long covered walkway that is supported by pillars. The ceiling is framed with an open lattice and vines are weaving in and out of the lattice for a romantic touch. It serves as an awesome passageway or shelter to cross over between two buildings.


If you love the structure of a Pagoda Temple then you can extend this similar style to the Pagoda gazebo that you will be creating. It mimics the pagoda roofs from ancient eastern culture and you can set it to have multiple layers to serve as towers. Adding a Temple Pagoda lighted fountain and Solar Pagoda lights in this gazebo would complete your ultimate Zen experience.

It is fun choosing the right type for you among the available party tents for sale that you can see online. Within the intimate space of a perfect gazebo, you are provided the chance to create more fond memories with your family especially on summer days.

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