Custom Made Personalised Wooden Wine Box

Wooden personalised wine boxes come in a huge variety of styles and sizes. They add a touch of old world class to one of today’s most sought after gift items – finely packaged wine.

What to Consider when Buying a Personalised Wooden Wine Box

Next consider the type of wood and the finish. Unfinished pine is a popular choice due to its cost, feel, and smell. Distressed woods are becoming more common because of their interesting finish and unique look. Boxes accented with gold, silver, or other metal rivets as well as handles or straps made from leather or other sturdy fabrics add a touch of style.

Many manufacturers are adding art to their wine boxes. From calio images pressed into the wood to laser engraved or heat engraved logos, the sky is truly the limit with customizing the look of your wooden wine box.

Some manufacturers are also able to add hinges made of weathered metal. They can also add decorative plaques that can be customized with your personal message.

Today’s personalised  wine boxes typically hold just one bottle of wine, but depending on the manufacturer you can find boxes that hold two, three, or even more bottles. Look at the interior of the wine box to make sure that it has appropriate dividers. Some boxes are lined with padded fabric or velvet to protect their precious contents. Others include wood shavings or decorative paper to add protection.

In addition to the fine quality that wood offers, some manufacturers provide alternative materials that are less expensive but still functional. High gloss cardboard, press board, or paper board can be customized with special artwork and unique colors that can add to the branding or impact of the box. Tote boxes, often made of cardboard, are specially cut and fabricated to create handles that make for easy carrying of boxes which can become a bit heavy when the bottles of wine are stored inside.

When looking for wine boxes, consider accessories which nicely accompany the box itself. Sommelier cork screws, wing corkscrews, bottle stoppers, stemware, and even chocolates are wonderful accompaniments to wine delivered in a sturdy and decorative wooden wine box. Other gifts that work well with wine include cheese, fine meat, fruit, candy, and baked goods like cookies, cakes, petits fours, and sweet biscuits.

Selecting a wooden wine gift box is a very personal decision. Take your time to select the right wood, exterior finish, interior padding, and accompanying gifts. The receiver of your fine gift will be truly impressed.

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