Power Bocking with Jumping Stilts

There’s an explosion in the world of extreme sports as more and more people see for themselves what powerbockers can really do. Europe, Asia and Northern America are all seeing an exponential growth. It’s new, it’s hot, it’s easy to learn and just in case you forgot, extremely fun.

We owe it all to Alexander Boeck, the man who invented these jumping stilts. The very name of PowerBockers is actually a hat-tip in his direction. Inspired by how kangaroos manage to jump and run faster than any man, he empowered people everywhere. The company he founded sells jumping stilts to this day and yes you can find them here. Just check the tab called PowerSkips. Remember though that they are aimed for the real pros and due to their quality, they cost quite a lot.

Don’t worry though! You’ll find your pair of jumping stilts here. This is the beauty of this sport. You can find the appropriate hardware no matter if you are an absolute beginner or a seasoned pro. The prices also can cover a lot of budgets. All that it takes is determination to have some outrageous fun and the desire to feel, at least once, superhuman. From that point on, it all flows easily.

Aren’t you at least curious to find out what the fuss is all about? Although the number of powerbockers is constantly rising, we are still relatively few. Why not be a trendsetter for once, rather than a trend follower?

There’s a world of fun and adrenaline you can find here. Look around, take your time, but keep in mind that other people are doing the very same thing. If you really want to be the one that discovers this brand new hot thing, you should hurry.


We insist that all appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) a.k.a. safety gear, be worn while using your Jumping Stilts.

Recommended PPE when using jumping stilts constists of a helmet, elbow pads knee pads and wrist guards.

You the buyer/operator, accept full responsibility and will not hold bestjumpingstilts.com or the manufacturer responsible for any injury, minor or serious, resulting from the use or misuse of Jumping Stilts.

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